About us

  • Engineering Management, Building Contractor, Expeditor and Consulting professional services corporation
  • MEG focuses on supplying superior services, data and information to construction and development
  • Constantly strives to provide the highest quality customer service to clients while making efforts to improve the community
  • Serving the consumer product industry since 2006
  • Key measure of MEG’s success:
    • 95% repeat clients & referrals

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Services (servicios)

  1. Gestoría Permisos Puerto Rico / Expedite Services Puerto Rico
  2. Permisos Construcción Puerto Rico / Construction Permit Puerto Rico
  3. Permisos Uso Puerto Rico / Use Permit Puerto Rico
  4. Permisos ARPE
  5. Permisos OGPE
  6. Expedite services Puerto Rico
  7. Construction design Puerto Rico / Diseño construcción puerto rico, construction design puerto rico
  8. Diseño estructural / Structural Design
  9. Power consumption studies
  10. Permit consulting
  11. Construction inspection
  12. Engineering consulting
  13. Construction management
  14. Fire endorsements / health endorsements
  15. Utility expense management

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